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We're busy, no time to fool around type of people. We make a plan and we follow it. Thats how you accomplish tasks, big or small, and make a difference.

Our Vehicle Wrap Design Process

If you think "Oh its just some stickers on a van" you're at the wrong place! Take a look at what we have to offer...

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It all starts off with us meeting, whether it be face to face, through a Zoom Call, or while horseback riding in Iceland (this rarely happens so chill!).

We both have to decide if we even like each other.
If we don't click, if we can't have a conversation without forcing it the date is over and we're both back to square one.
We WILL NOT engage in any relationships if we don't truly feel like we have something to offer. It's that simple.

During our meeting, we will ask a lot of questions. First of all how old is your business? Do you even have a business yet? Your points of interest, what your concerns are, your goals, your dreams. Tell us the problems you're facing. You can honestly say 'Hey I have no idea what to do but I have this cool idea, where do I go from here?' and we can work with that.

We explain rough budgets, what you can and can't afford, and discuss what happens moving forward because all projects are going to be different.

From here you can think about the options and we meet again in a week or we jump straight into Step 2 because honestly, who has time to waste?



Embarking on the design of a vehicle wrap for a brand requires a meticulous discovery and research process, one that is foundational to crafting a design that not only stands out but also aligns seamlessly with the client's vision.

This journey typically commences with a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape, both locally and nationally. This crucial step involves a deep dive into what's working for competitors and what isn't, juxtaposed against the client's unique brand perspective and requirements.

Central to this process is the creation of a mood board—a curated collage of images, text, and samples that visually represent the desired style and essence, which acts as a visual guide and inspiration source. This mood board, enriched with insights from the competitive analysis, enables us to synthesize a design that resonates with the target audience while ensuring the client’s brand ethos is vividly and effectively communicated and we use this on the next step.



Following the initial research and mood board creation, the next pivotal step is a strategy session with the client. This can be conducted either in person or via a video call, depending on the client's preference and availability. The purpose of this meeting is multi-faceted. Firstly, it's an opportunity to present our findings and initial thoughts, bridging the gap between market insights and the client's aspirations. This dialogue is instrumental in refining our approach, ensuring that our creative direction aligns perfectly with the client's vision.

Secondly, this session is crucial for streamlining the design process. By engaging in a thorough and focused conversation, we preempt the need for excessive back-and-forth later on, saving both time and resources. This efficiency is a cornerstone of our client-centric approach, ensuring that we move forward with a clear and unified strategy.

Lastly, and importantly, this meeting is where we discuss and finalize the budgetary aspects of the project. Understanding the client’s financial parameters allows us to tailor our creative solutions accordingly, ensuring that we deliver optimal results within the agreed financial framework. This step ensures transparency and sets the stage for a smooth, collaborative, and result-oriented journey towards creating an impactful vehicle wrap design.



In the design phase, our approach is both methodically creative and time-efficient, recognizing the adage that time is indeed money. In the creative process, where our focus is on materializing the agreed vision into tangible designs. Typically, we commence by developing 1-2 rough drafts, focusing initially on one side of the vehicle. This step is crucial as it provides a visual direction and foundation for the entire project.

The creation of these drafts usually spans 1-3 days. We are committed to efficiency, striving to deliver these initial concepts swiftly, without compromising on creativity or quality. It's important to note, however, that the nature of creative work can be variable; certain projects may demand more time due to their complexity or specificity.

Upon presenting the rough drafts, we actively seek client feedback. If a draft is approved, we proceed with crafting a complete design for the entire vehicle. Should revisions be necessary, we address them promptly and resubmit the updated design for review. We emphasize speed in this process, understanding that the quicker we iterate, the faster we can finalize the design.

Once the design gains the client’s approval, we take an extra step for quality assurance: printing a 24"x12" artwork proof on the same material used for the job. This proof is vital for an in-person review by the client, ensuring that the colors and details are exactly as intended. This step underscores our commitment to delivering a product that is not just visually stunning but also precisely what the client envisaged.

Our goal is to keep the entire process—from discovery and research to final design approval—within a window of 40 business hours (we work Monday-Friday, 9AM to 5PM). This timeframe is a testament to our streamlined workflow and our dedication to providing our clients with both rapid and outstanding results.

What if you don’t like the designs we present? Well we start over. Missunderstandings can happen, we’re all human, but we try to nail it the first time!



Upon finalizing the design, we progress to the scheduling phase, which is crucial in materializing the approved concept into a tangible, high-quality vehicle wrap. This phase is marked by clear communication and precise planning.

Firstly, we inform the client about the arrival of the materials necessary for their specific design. These materials are central to producing the printed wrap, and their timely arrival is crucial for adhering to the project timeline. Once we have these materials, we can confidently schedule the production of the printed product.

The installation scheduling is then discussed in detail. Typically, we ask clients to leave their vehicle with us on a Monday morning, aiming to return the fully wrapped vehicle by Friday evening. This timeline allows for a thorough and meticulous installation process, ensuring the highest quality of work.

However, it's important to note that each project is unique, and the time required can vary significantly. Some wraps are less complex and may only need a few hours for installation. Others, particularly those involving intricate designs, multiple layers, removal of previous wraps, and extensive cleaning, may require more time. We assess each project individually to provide a realistic estimate that aligns with the complexity of the job.

We are committed to accommodating our clients' deadlines as much as humanly possible. Our team works diligently to ensure that we meet these timelines, understanding the importance of deadlines in our clients’ schedules. By balancing efficiency with meticulous attention to detail, we strive to deliver exceptional results within the agreed timeframe


Artwork Ownership: Once the design portion is fully paid for, clients gain full ownership of all artwork to use as they please where they please.

Brand Guideline: We include a Brand Guideline with the artwork explaining how the artwork should be used and presented.

Client Portal: Clients have 24/7 access to their artwork through a private client portal, maintained for the long-term duration of our business.

Quality Warranty: We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our work, underscoring our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Long-Term Partnership: This is NOT a one-night stand! We aim to be the preferred choice for any of your future marketing and creative needs, building lasting relationships based on the quality of our service and results.


When it comes to the delivery and pickup of vehicles for wrap installation, our process is designed to be as convenient and secure as possible for our clients.

Preferably, we encourage clients to deliver their vehicles directly to our facility. This approach allows them to see our operations and provides an opportunity for any last-minute discussions or clarifications. Our facility is equipped with 24/7 recorded video surveillance, ensuring the utmost security for the vehicles in our care. For those clients who choose to drop off their vehicles outside of business hours, we have a secure keybox system. This allows for a safe and convenient way to leave the vehicle keys.

In instances where vehicle pickup is necessary, we offer a solution that maintains security and convenience. We utilize secure lock boxes for vehicle keys. These boxes are accessible with unique codes, which are provided exclusively to our clients. This system ensures that even if we are unable to be present at the time of pickup, our clients can securely access their vehicles without any hassle.

Our focus is on providing a seamless experience for our clients, from the initial design phase to the final delivery of their wrapped vehicle. The safety and security of their vehicles during this process are of paramount importance to us, and we take every precaution to ensure that their trust in our services is well-placed.



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