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If You Fail to Plan,
You Are Planning to Fail

— Benjamin Franklin

We're busy, no time to fool around type of people. We make a plan and we follow it. Thats how you accomplish tasks, big or small, and make a difference.

Our Process

This is an outline of our general process for onboarding new clients and starting new creative projects. IF you are looking for our process on vehicle wrap designs you should ignore this page and read this one instead: Vehicle Wrap Design Process

We like to make things easy...

Free Consultation

Research & Strategy


Feedback & Revisions


Lets dive
deeper into each step!



It all starts off with us meeting, whether it be face to face, through a Zoom Call, or while horseback riding in Iceland (this rarely happens so chill!).

We both have to decide if we even like each other.
If we don't click, if we can't have a conversation without forcing it the date is over and we're both back to square one.
We WILL NOT engage in any relationships if we don't truly feel like we have something to offer. It's that simple.

During our meeting, we will ask a lot of questions. First of all how old is your business? Do you even have a business yet? Your points of interest, what your concerns are, your goals, your dreams. Tell us the problems you're facing. You can honestly say 'Hey I have no idea what to do but I have this cool idea, where do I go from here?' and we can work with that.

We explain rough budgets, what you can and can't afford, and discuss what happens moving forward because all projects are going to be different.

From here you can think about the options and we meet again in a week or we jump straight into Step 2 because honestly, who has time to waste?



Step 2 is 2-parts - we are working on research and discovery before we develop a strategy.

This is where we look at competitors in your space, what they are doing, what is working, and what is not.

The timeline for this is going to depend on the scope of the work. Bigger projects take longer than smaller ones.

Once we have finished our research and discovery phase we come up with a strategy that we believe is going to be best for you and your situation.

We present this strategy to you and discuss moving forward.



Ahh yes! Our Favorite part! The Design Phase!

So this is when we start designing; it could be as simple as a logo design, print material, uniforms, a vehicle wrap design, or web design.

We don't like to waste our time so we will be sending you updates with rough ideas, sketchs, etc. to get your feedback. 

Once we have a really good idea what you want we try to finalize the design before Step 4...



This is where we present our work to you.

Your job is going to be tough, youre going to have to be honest and tell us what you think, and don't sugar coat it!

Of course, we're going to tell you why we think certain things should be made but this is where we need to discuss our work and we make any revisions to what we've done. 

Yes we can make changes later but its easier to make them before we do anymore.




The last step is where we implement the work we've done for you.

So if it's just designing a website we implment that design into a full function website so you're off to the races!

If it's as simple as designing a logo, we deliver the logo files and brand identity guidelines to you.

If it's designing a vehicle wrap we send you the artwork files and you can either have it wrapped by a company near you or we can handle the wrapping ourselves.


We want to work with you!


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    Phenomenal company. Wrapped my business trailer and did an amazing job. Highly recommend.

    Basil Dicerbo - Owner of Raw Health Canine Food