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Ceramic Coating Protects Your Vehicle

Ceramic Coatings are extremly durable, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and super-glossy solutions applied to the exterior of your vehicle.

Once applied and cured, Focus Wrap Companies Ceramic Coatings protect against scratches, tree sap, chemicals, bird and animal droppings and provides protection from UV rays.

Focus Wrap Company installed Ceramic Coatings enhance and protect more than your vehicles factory finish. It can be applied to glass, plastic, metals, chrome, vinyl wraps, paint protection film and more.

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What are Ceramic Coatings?

Focus Wrap Company Ceramic Coated vehicles provide enhanced gloss and superior protection with extreme hydrophobic properties and cleaning capabilities.


Ceramic Coating Benefits:

  • 9H Hardness for Extreme Scratch and Chip Resistance

  • Advanced Protective Super Hydrophobic Application

  • Ultra-Glossy Appearance with Deep Color Mirror Effect

  • Self-Cleaning Properties Provides Extended Durability

  • Less Maintenance from Dirt-Repelling Capabilities

  • Years of Protection from Corrosion and Contaminants

  • Protects from UV Damage, Oxidation, Acid Rain

  • Withstands Extreme Heat Up To 1400 Degrees° F

  • Lifetime Warranty Available

Sarah Kearney
Sarah Kearney
I cannot say enough good things about Focus Wrap Co. They are amazing to work with. They did a great job figuring out our branding and were incredibly flexible as we created the right look for us. They kept our budget in mind and created a cost effective solution for our marketing. Their product is top of the line. I am so happy we went with Focus Wrap Company!
Chris Janson
Chris Janson
Wrapped a trailer for my business. From design to execution, the process was flawless!
Catherine Freas
Catherine Freas
Jason was wonderful to work with!! He did a phenomenal job on our truck decals & had it done in one day just like he said. I would highly recommend this company! Tim
Shannon Carey-Spier
Shannon Carey-Spier
After getting an outrageous quote and little customer service at another shop I started calling around and couldn't be happier that I found Focus Wrap. My car looks amazing and the service was top quality.
Porus Mir
Porus Mir
If you want a wrap done in NJ PA area - this is your shop. Jace and his team are amazing. Professional work done, no bs, no need to worry about being scammed with high prices. I’m truly happy I found these guys to do my chrome delete. Jace is an A class person. Don’t waste your money and time, this is your one stop shop for your wrap needs. Jace is an amazing guy and his work and ethics speak for themselves. Thank you Jace, grateful for your honesty and work.
Denise McNulty
Denise McNulty
Amazing customer service! Did a great job on my Jeep. I will be coming back again.
The Alpine Element
The Alpine Element
Focus Wrap Company did a PHENOMENAL job on my Porsche 911. I seriously can’t thank Focus Wrap company enough. The attention to detail, precision, and care for my car is hard to come by these days unfortunately with the way most businesses are run. Not to mention his pricing is extremely reasonable, for the quality he provides. Attached are photos of my car he did.
Nick Robino
Nick Robino
Really impressed! Super professional job on my car and Jace helped me with the whole process. Thank you
Wei Natalie
Wei Natalie
I chose this company because it has 5 stars and close to my house. He's responsible and not afraid to take care of any problems. My car looks amazing now when I always want a Barbie car. It's a cream 2008 convertible beetle and today I've a new Barbie car!!! My friends all said it's so cute and I'll be posting on Facebook Beetle group too when this color is rare.
Basil Dicerbo
Basil Dicerbo
Phenomenal company. Wrapped my business trailer and did an amazing job. Highly recommend.

Ceramic Packages

Prices are based on 2 door cars, mid size, SUV, and trucks are all different prices.
Please contact us for a free quote.


Focus Wrap Companies installers are all profesionally trained and certified to ensure your new Ceramic Coating lasts its entire lifespan with no issues. We pride ourselves in having a clean facility with the best tools to make installation quick and simple.


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    Proper Maintenance

    To ensure that your ceramic coating stays looking its best, it's important to follow proper maintenance practices.

    • Wash your vehicle regularly; It's important to wash your vehicle regularly to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants that can build up on the surface. When washing your vehicle, us pH-neutral soap and a microfiber towel to avoid scratching the coating
    • Dry your vehicle properly; After washing, dry it thoroughly to avoid water spots. We recommend using a drying towel, or air-blower
    • Avoid hars chemicals: Avoid using hard chemicals and cleaners like solvents, hars detergents, acidic cleaners, petroleum-based products, brake cleaners, etc. on your ceramic-coated vehicle.
    • Use a ceramic coating maintenance spray every 2-3 weeks after washing. This helps boost the performance of the coating and keep it looking its best.